Marrying superior cleaning power with user-friendly operation.

Triangular side brushes, bristle brush and powerful suction achieve exceptional cleaning results – dust and debris are gathered to the cleaning path before they are extracted and suctioned into the dustbin.

Multiple modes for great cleaning results

A40 simplifies complexity – it’s activated with just one push of a button.

Preset a cleaning cycle and A40 will clean autonomously – even when you're out.

High capacity dustbin stores a large volume of waste, which means you don't need to empty it often.

At just 76mm thick , A40 can smoothly travel under the furniture.

Outfitted with a glossy white top cover, A40 embraces a lasting serene style. Thanks to the IML technology, the glass cover has excellent scratch and abrasion resistance and enduring color and gloss.

A40 knows when its battery is low and automatically retreats to its charging dock for recharge.