All-around, powerful home cleaning master

Utilizing dual cleaning mode - vacuuming and wet mopping,
V80 offers a complete and thorough floor cleaning

The quiet and powerful Nidec® brushless motor and a sealed
floating nozzle, which maintains close contact with the floor,
generate superior suction for tangle-free vacuuming.

High capacity dustbin stores more waste in a
single cleaning cycle, which means you don’t
need to empty it often. 750ml

Motion-sensing water tank ensures that water is
dispensed evenly for mopping and is cut off when
the robot isn’t moving along its path, facilitating
thorough dirt removal and floor damage prevention
all at once.

Programmable schedule that is easy to set up and allows the V80 to clean at a different time for each selected day.

Preset cleaning schedules or switch between cleaning modes with the
5 mechanical buttons and LCD display on the robot.

Aluminum alloy cover in hairline finish offers exceptional abrasion resistance and durability.
The fine metal texture adds a modern, high-tech touch to V80.

Obstacle avoidance, anti-fall, anti-stuck and ramp-climbing functions allow V80 to overcome
common performance challenges faced by most robot vacuums.

Primary filter, sponge and high performance filter together filtrate dust and hair effectively,
avoiding recirculation of pollutants.

V80 automatically retreats to its charging dock as the battery runs low, allowing you
to enjoy the convenience brought by robotic technology.