Deep carpet and floor cleaning

Side brushes sweep dirt to the cleaning path; main brush rolls up dirt, and powerful suction passage collects dirt into the dustbin. The system ensures A4s to clean thoroughly on carpet and all floor types.

Excellent cleaning result is achieved by improved suction power. This, together with the sweeping and dirt extraction functions, facilitates deep carpet cleaning.

Compared to other cleaning brushes, this double V-shaped bristle brush offers more cleaning power. The V-shape is designed to reduce tangles and the bristles help extract dirt, dust and crumbs lodged in capet.

Press the CLEAN button or set a weekly schedule and A4s will start cleaning, whether you're home or not.

A4s is designed for large spaces cleaning. Its high-capacity Li-on battery provides 90 mins of cleaning time and covers a cleaning area up to 2100 sq.ft.

Mini-room mode allows A4s to clean specific rooms more deeply and thorougly in less time.

Multiple cleaning modes allow A4s to clean according to your needs.

A4s automatically goes back to its charging dock for recharge when battery runs low.

With a full set of advanced sensors, A4s can avoid obstacles, getting stuck in corners and falls.