Smart Planned Cleaning Robot Vacuum with APP Control

The upgraded CyclonePower cleaning system and accurate planned cleaning system help A7 to achieve maximum coverage and high cleaning efficiency.

App-controlled and easy to use, A7 performs silent vacuuming and tackles complex cleaning tasks with a full set of sensors. These sensors also enable an intelligent anti-stuck function which helps A7 to avoid obstacles and getting stuck between furniture.

A7 features a new scratch and wear-resistant glossy black exterior which houses upgraded mechanism for enhanced cleaning performance.

Under the guidance of the Gen 3 CyclonePower cleaning system, A7 cleans your home thoroughly in a single operation.

Multiple schedule modes(Buttons on the body / APP),allowing you to preset cleaning schedule for any time and any day, and A7 starts cleaning automatically at the scheduled time.

The multifunctional app and WiFi connection allow you to preset schedules, select cleaning modes, locate A7, and check cleaning records or accessories status with your phone. A7 also receives signals across a straight path within 8 meters from the screenless remote control.

The upgraded omnidirectional detection system comprises of a set of sensors which accurately monitors and detects the surroundings.

The 600mL dustbin extends A7’s operating time and requires less emptying. The 3-layer high-performance filters capture and filter more dust.

A7 is a modular design that meets international standards and facilitates easy disassembly and maintenance.

The robot will automatically go back to home base to charge when battery runs low.

At only 76mm, A7’s slim profile allows it to comfortably clean under the furniture, including beds and sofas.

With the 70mm shock-detecting RoadRover wheels, A7 can maneuver through and over 1.5cm obstacles smoothly.