Less Hassle, Deeper Clean

Efficiently pick up dust, crumbs, pet hair, debris, and even beans
from hard floors and carpets. With the spare 2-in-1 suction nozzle, you can even
clean the entire house and interior of cars.

The large dustcup is twice the capacity of common
ones in the market, decreasing the frequency of
trash disposal. With one simple touch, you can dispose
of trash easily and hygienically, without touching
trash and dust.

The ILIFE H50 is designed to fit your hands ergonomically
and enhance cleaning experience.

Quickly hang H50 on the wall mounting bracket or just attach it
to the stick, both ways save space on storage.

The flexible structure directs the floor head to the corners and bottom of furniture,
covering all spaces that need cleaning. The LED lights on the floor head illuminates areas in dark,
making cleaning much easier.

The equipped high-performance 6-cell Li-ion battery with a large capacity allows
you to clean up to 40 minutes, delivering powerful and unchanging suction during the entire cleaning,
covering the cleaning area up to 200sqm.

Product Outline