Robot vacuum cleaner Robot Hút Bụi

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Gen 4 CyclonePower cleaning system produces increased suction for efficient dust and debris pickups. Consistent, high suction is made possible by isolating fine dust to prevent it from clogging the filter.

Collect dust and debris on alltypes of floor covering.

Maintain close contact with thefloor and adjust to uneven sur-faces automatically, makingdust and debris pickups easier.

Nidec brushless motor powers superior suction for low-noise and efficient vacuuming.

Cellular dustbin capturesdebris and fine dust, andexpels filtered clean air.

Upgraded Gen 4 Cyclcone power captures more dirt than ever into Cellular Dustbin, where larger dust and smaller one are separated. Powerful centrifugal force traps even the smallest particles and expels fresh air out, thus sustainning the powerful suction as always.

Assisted by new CV-SLAM algorithm and a built-in gyro, upgraded Gen 2 Panoview guides A9 to navigate the rooms systematically. While connected to Wi-Fi, Panoview generates a map to increase navigation accuracy, and show areas that have been cleaned, the robot’s location and task progress.

Take care of different cleaning needs.

Auto Mode: Maximize coverage and minimize incomplete cleaning along a zigzag path.

Edge Mode: Clean the corners and along the walls.

Spot Mode: Higher suction programmed for deep cleaning a designated area.

Max Mode: For stronger suction power. Also recommended for using the robot for the first time.

Electrowall defines an invisible boundary, guiding A9 to clean a designated area, and to stay out of the areas that don’t need cleaning.

ILIFE APP gives you full access to A9’s functions anytime, anywhere –– whether it’s setting cleaning schedules, starting a cleaning cycle, or tracking task progress with the cleaning map.

A9 offers a complete AI experience in Auto mode––it automatically returns to its chargingdock for recharge when battery runs low; Once fully charged, it continues cleaning the spotwhere it was paused.

A set of 22 sensors, including an accelerometer, infra-red cliff sensors and a gyro, makes A9 an autonomous robot vacuum cleaner, intelligently avoiding obstacles or falling down stairs.

iReal-time voice announcements report work status and errors.