With smart sensors and Ingenious design, it can roam through your house freely,
leaving you more time to do what you like.

The powerful suction and thin body design ensure better
performance on
picking up pet hairs, dirt and debris under most of furnitures.

No dust, debris or hairs can hide with Max mode. Activated by merely a button, Max
mode provides
an all-around cleaning experience with maxmum pickups.

With the vacuum suction port design, V4 can easily pick up dirt, hairs, grime, peanuts
and crumbs with no wrapped any more.

In order to work smoothly in a complex environment, V4 is equipped by full set of
sensors such as obstacle sensor, cliff detection sensor and corner sensor.

Easily operate V4 with remote control or the body button
to perform recharge, spot cleaning or other tasks.

With the special designed wheels V4 can easily cross the
sill or the carpet.

V4 is designed to clean smoothly in different
environments such as bottom of furniture.